7 August 2023
This paper, by the DRCF Horizon Scanning and Emerging Technologies project team, considers the nature and potential of quantum technologies and the issues that regulators should be thinking about now to prepare for a quantum-enabled world.
14 July 2023
CEO Kate Jones addressed the Westminter eForum Policy Conference on effective collaboration in digital regulation. She outlined the current priorities for the DRCF and some of its key projects including Algorithmic Processing, Enabling Innovation, Skills & Capabilities and Supervisory Technologies.
12 July 2023
The DRCF has published its response to the Government’s AI White Paper, and welcomes the recognition of the need for close co-ordination between regulators as they consider the AI principles, building capabilities and technical knowledge and identifying cross-cutting issues within the AI framework.
4 May 2023
The DRCF Algorithmic Processing workstream have published two discussion papers, one focusing on the benefits and harms of algorithms, and one looking at the landscape of algorithmic auditing and the role of regulators.