12 October 2023
This abridged report summarises research, undertaken by EY Seren, into how the DRCF might make it easier for innovators to introduce new ideas across multiple regulator remits. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund.
22 August 2023
Age assurance is a complex area with technology developing rapidly. This technical study on age assurance technologies, commissioned by the ICO and Ofcom, aims to enhance our understanding of this area and build on our commitment to developing an aligned approach to age assurance.
9 August 2023
This paper sets out the harms that can arise when certain types of practices are used to present information and choices to consumers about the collection and use of their personal information. It provides a shared set of expectations of firms, and UX and product designers, to support good practice.
7 August 2023
This paper, by the DRCF Horizon Scanning and Emerging Technologies project team, considers the nature and potential of quantum technologies and the issues that regulators should be thinking about now to prepare for a quantum-enabled world.