12 October 2023
DRCF Multi-agency Advice Service – Final Recommendations Report

This abridged report summarises a programme of research into how the DRCF might make it easier for innovators to introduce new ideas across multiple regulator remits. EY Seren was the DRCF’s chosen delivery partner and facilitated a collaborative evidence-based process over a 12-week period. This involved conducting research interviews with innovators, running idea generation workshops, and iterating a future service that the DRCF can offer to the market. More than 60 innovators from a range of backgrounds were involved in the process, sharing their challenges and feedback. The proposed DRCF-hosted service pilot, the DRCF AI and Digital Hub, which will be an outcome of the research, is designed to provide clarity on cross-regulatory matters, offering a platform where innovators can engage with four digital regulators seamlessly.

DRCF Multi-agency Advice Service Final Report Recommendations.pdf 8.7 MB