Key Projects



The DRCF launched the International Network for Digital Regulation Cooperation (INDRC) in June 2023 to build relationships with regulators from around the globe seeking to increase domestic cooperation in their jurisdictions.

Skills and Cababilities

Through the Skills and Capabilities project, DRCF member regulators are working together to consider how best to attract the talent they need for digital regulation and to identify and develop plans for how to build the skills required to deliver on their regulatory remits.

Horizon scanning

The DRCF’s joint horizon scanning work brings together the four member regulators to combine their horizon scanning expertise to analyse the cross-regulatory implications of specific emerging technologies. This innovative work enables the DRCF to share knowledge, identify future challenges and develop potential solutions together and ahead of time.

Enabling Innovation

Innovation is an important part of thriving, competitive markets. It enables new and improved products and services, increases consumer choice, and develops systems that drive down prices and improve service quality. Innovation also helps to drive the economy, supporting both improved productivity and economic growth. Through its Enabling Innovation workstream, the DRCF aims to make it easier for firms who need to comply across our respective regimes to do business.

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