18 June 2024
International Network for Digital Regulation Cooperation (INDRC)

One of the DRCF’s key objectives is to “strengthen international engagement with regulatory bodies to exchange information and share best practice regarding approaches to the regulation of digital markets”.

Given the ubiquitous nature of new technologies and the global reach of big tech firms, we recognise the importance of working closely with international counterparts to achieve a global dialogue on digital regulatory issues.

As part of our engagement, we work actively with other countries in considering how to increase collaboration between regulatory authorities and have launched the International Network for Digital Regulation Cooperation, to link together similar bodies overseas and share good practice on effective interdisciplinary cooperation.

The DRCF launched the International Network for Digital Regulation Cooperation (INDRC) in June 2023 to build relationships with regulators from around the globe seeking to increase domestic cooperation in their jurisdictions.

The INDRC’s objectives are to foster discussion between regulators on coherence across digital regimes, and to gather insights into how jurisdictions are approaching domestic regulatory coherence.  The INDRC meets approximately every six months.

At its inaugural meeting in June 2023, the UK DRCF welcomed colleagues from the Australian Digital Platform Regulators Forum (DP-REG), the Netherlands’ Digital Regulation Cooperation Platform (SDT) and the Irish Digital Regulators Group (DRG) to London for the inaugural meeting of the INDRC. The agenda included an introduction to the DRCF and a discussion on the SDT’s work on online transparency.

In January 2024, the UK DRCF hosted the second meeting of the INDRC in London with participation from members of DP-REG, SDT and DRG. We were joined by colleagues from the newly formed Canada Digital Regulators Forum (CDRF). Participants shared updates on how their jurisdictions are responding to the regulatory challenges of AI and considered the current constraints and practical implications of information sharing across members of their coordination bodies.

The INDRC is currently planning its third and fourth meetings in June and November 2024.

The INDRC is open to participation from other digital regulators’ coordination bodies. For any enquiries, please contact