13 December 2023
This paper is the product of a research and foresight activity cycle to consider the future of immersive technologies, to better understand how immersive environments might evolve and the key uncertainties that could drive change.
21 November 2023
Would you like to inform our planning for future work and the evolution of our existing work over the year ahead? We want to understand more clearly where you are encountering intersections between regulatory regimes or confronting uncertainty around the potential interplay between regimes.
12 October 2023
This abridged report summarises research, undertaken by EY Seren, into how the DRCF might make it easier for innovators to introduce new ideas across multiple regulator remits. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund.
22 August 2023
Age assurance is a complex area with technology developing rapidly. This technical study on age assurance technologies, commissioned by the ICO and Ofcom, aims to enhance our understanding of this area and build on our commitment to developing an aligned approach to age assurance.
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