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6 February 2024
Preparing for launch: DRCF AI and Digital Hub

Following our announcement last September, we have been progressing work on our DRCF AI and Digital Hub pilot, which is due to launch in the spring.

This exciting new Government-funded service will support innovators with queries concerning cross-regulatory AI and digital issues. Successful applicants can direct their questions to the four DRCF member regulators through a single point of access and receive tailored responses. The aim of the Hub is to increase innovators’ confidence in bringing new AI and digital products safely to market, more quickly and efficiently.

We would like to attract a broad range of applicants to use the Hub. Innovators’ proposals will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have an AI and/or digital focus
  • Fall within the remit of at least two DRCF member regulators
  • Be innovative
  • Benefit consumers, businesses and/or the UK economy

We will adopt a broad interpretation of “innovative” to capture both radical and incremental advances to business models, services, products or processes. This will help ensure we reach a wider range of innovators.

In a bid to extend the benefit of the service to all innovators, as we address queries in the Hub, we will publish the outcomes as case studies on our website. This case study resource will mean that future innovators can look for answers to questions online before applying to the Hub. This will help us support a greater number of innovators and speed up the innovation process.

During the 12-month pilot phase, innovators will be able to apply to the Hub via a dedicated page on the DRCF website. More details about the Hub service, including how to apply, will be published on our website closer to launch.