27 April 2023
Algorithmic Processing

The use of algorithmic systems underpins many current and emerging digital services. Understanding how to support the use of algorithmic processing in a way that promotes their benefits and mitigates their risks is a common aim across all DRCF members. During the year 2022/23, the Algorithmic Processing project team carried out a number of activities that built on the findings of the DRCF’s papers on algorithmic processing and algorithmic auditing landscape which were published early in 2022, including deep dives into issues around auditing and procurement, with the aim of fostering best practice across the current ecosystem.

Looking ahead, the Algorithmic Processing project team will explore best practice in AI regulatory governance, including supporting the delivery of government’s proposed AI framework. The team will:

  • Build common understanding and definitions of key principles relevant to the regulation of AI, such as fairness, across DRCF member regulators and engage with government, as appropriate, as it develops its proposed AI framework.
  • Identify and explore new and emerging AI risks across the DRCF members’ regulatory sectors to remain abreast of developments in the AI landscape, including the developing use cases and potential risks created by generative AI.
  • Explore the role of third-party services for the audit of algorithmic systems to support regulatory compliance, through research with firms offering services in this developing market.