11 July 2023
Kate Jones speaks at Westminster eForum Policy Conference

CEO Kate Jones addressed the Westminster eForum Policy Conference on 11 July, speaking about collaboration in digital regulation and the current priorities for the DRCF.  Kate told the Forum the DRCF was the ‘connective tissue’ between its four member regulators, there to resolve tensions as well as ‘harness synergies’ where members’ roles overlap.

Kate said: Overall, working together as the DRCF enables our member regulators to do four things. First, to achieve better outcomes for industry and consumers through a coherent approach across our different regulatory regimes. Second, to leverage our members’ combined knowledge and skills to address key challenges and issues. Third, to respond to the scale and global nature of large digital platforms and the speed of innovation. And fourth, to engage collectively with key stakeholders where it makes sense to do so.

She went on to outline some key DRCF projects and workstreams, including Algorithmic Processing, Enabling Innovation, Skills & Capabilities and SupTech. You can read Kate’s speech in full here.